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Jukka Viita-aho, the skipper of Villa Meribjörkö, is known for his high-quality services, which he organizes with years of experience. As an experinced scout, he knows nature and is able to lead his guests to the most rewarding experiences of the Kvarken Archipelago - whether it is fishing trip or an atmospheric nature hike. You will have a safe and fulfilling activities in these expert hands. Reception at Villa Meribjörkö is always warm.

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We offer meeting facilities and events paces for small and large groups alike. The attractive, tranquil spaces and the surrounding nature are an inspiration and provide a completely new dimension for meetings. Why not organise a party or a special occasion on the seashore? The archipelago offers unforgettable and intimate surroundings for wedding receptions, birthday parties and special occasions with the family. Our versatile facility options ensure that, whatever the occasion, we will customise the experience for your needs.

a Fantastic UNESCO world heritage area

The humming wind, glittering sea and star-studded sky overhead are combined with the rugged, beautiful landscape shaped by the times. The archipelago wind brings in a breath of new air to life, it inspires and invigorates. The Kvarken area’s crystal clear waters, rich nature and landscapes that are in constant change with the seasons that offer experiences for all senses.  The Kvarken archipelago is bursting with exciting stories. The Ice Age made the archipelago a unique environment and its landscape is in constant change; here, the secrets of nature and the traditional way of life in the archipelago continue to live hand in hand.

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